I was the poster gal for what not to do

How did I get here? The hard way. Fortunately, you don’t have to.

I'm Robin J. Schwartz. I was a journalist and promotional writer: Sony Music, The New York Times, New York Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Playbill (not Playboy, though I would happily have written for them too. Their articles really were great.) I worked 20-hour days. For years. Until I pounded myself into the ground. Would you expect a car to run without gas or oil? Of course not. But that’s what I did to my body.

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See if this resonates: Overachiever. Only child. Father died when I was very young. Boundaries weren’t encouraged, or respected, in my family. So it’s not surprising that it took some hard lessons before I found my balance.

Like most people, my genetics aren’t perfect. I was the short, fat, ugly unpopular kid. I spent much of my adult life weighing more than I wanted, though a few years ago I figured how to solve that problem — no drugs or extreme deprivation involved.

So, genetics: Diabetes and heart disease run in my family. I have neither. Part of that is because I’ve always eaten healthily. I like fruits and vegetables (well, broccoli not so much**). I also like meat. And fish. And chocolate. I walk a lot. It feels good, it's great weight-bearing exercise that makes your bones happy and it's often faster than public transportation.

You don't have to feel deprived to be healthier. You can enjoy the process. Which is why my company is named Hedonistic Wellness.

You can live healthily AND live well.

I’ve always had pretty bothersome seasonal allergies which almost always lead into a cold. Robin’s Ginger-and-Honey Duo really helped clear up my head and get my breathing back on track. (Not to mention it’s such an easy recipe.) When I was better, I had the chance to try her Healthy Chocolate Mousse. I love chocolate and I was eager to see if this would fulfill my cravings. Boy was I surprised just how delectable healthy can be! The chocolate mousse (which I’m told is made with only a few key ingredients) was absolutely delicious.
— Jeremy V. (Real Estate)



If you’re looking for someone to dictate to you what to do, that’s not me. But if you want someone who'll work with you, someone supportive and non-judgmental, someone skilled at uncovering the heart of a problem, with a broad range of knowledge to help you find solutions, then we're likely to be a good fit. Please do GET IN TOUCH. I'd love to hear from you.

** though I adore broccoli rabe with garlic, olive oil, lemon zest and a secret ingredient. I can teach you how to make this and other luscious items. In fact, I’m now offering cooking classes. Click HERE to learn more in my FAQs and get on the Waiting List.