It's amazing what you learn when you're one part rock, one part delicate flower and what you then can help others learn

Wondering if I can help? Are you:

  • An executive who wants to be healthier, without giving up all “the good things in life”?

You may have to give up some, but there are delicious alternatives, so you won’t mind too much.

  • Hoping to minimize the likelihood of getting a runs-in-the-family disease?

Genetics are strong, but they’re not the only deciding factor.

  • Feeling out of balance but not sure why or how to begin to improve things?

During 20+ years as a journalist I honed my delving and solving skills. I research deeply, have an extraordinarily good memory and I feel a glow when I help people. Truly.

Robin is a great Work-Life Balance Coach. Sometimes my mind is so cluttered that it helps to have someone who can relate, listen and ask the right questions. Robin’s background as a journalist makes her especially good at reading between the lines. She subtly challenges me to identify barriers and helps me see another perspective, so I can find the hidden opportunity in the problem I’m wrestling with.
— Andrew P. (Management)

Good health comes from balance in body, mind and spirit. Modern life makes that difficult. I can help.



The Process:

  • We talk, to get a feel for what a pleasurable, happy life means to you and where you're having difficulty.

  • Concerns might include: your relationship with food; your work-life balance; your environment (for example, the products you’re using might affect you badly). Perhaps you want to fit self-care into your life without feeling guilty. Or develop a long-lost passion or idea that's been hovering in the back of your mind.

  • We work together to figure out what obstacles are getting in your way, and I help you determine concrete steps to address them. You’ll get my in-depth Client Workbook, filled with fun, unexpected, illuminating questions. Your answers to those questions can uncover insights about your Why’s, which go a long way towards helping you change course for the better.

  • Since the best way to make a lasting change is by increments, we design a plan that doesn't leave you feeling deprived or overwhelmed. Small successes lead to big improvements.

  • We monitor your progress and fine-tune, bit by bit. And you get ever closer to better balance and a more pleasurable life.

Because there is no one-size-fits-all in health coaching, and I want the process to be as comprehensive and enjoyable as possible, I work on a monthly retainer when coaching individuals. This ensures that I can set aside time to work with you and give you my best. There are three plans for you to choose from, which take into account different budgets. All include multiple opportunities for check-ins. ***NEW: I am now offering select seminars for company executives.


To make 2019 even more delicious, I’m now offering Cooking Classes: Learn how to prepare dishes that taste indulgent yet are still healthy.