What's In Your Drawers? (aka being kind to your body and the planet doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg)

Not long ago, Bloomberg ran a video piece* that made me angry. It purported to address concern for the environment, but really it was an example of narrow-minded, classist and defeatist nonsense. Think I'm being harsh? Let's take a look:

Bloomberg’s video maintains that most Americans can’t afford to make eco-conscious choices. As proof of this, they cite:

  • a $95 water bottle with a UVC light in it to kill germs, “so you don't have to wash it as much”;

  • a collapsible metal straw costing nearly $25, as an alternative to banned plastic straws;

  • a $150 comforter (which they erroneously call a “duvet cover”) made from recycled plastic bottles with a eucalyptus shell.

Really? If these are the products Bloomberg considers the best options to save the planet, no wonder climate change is kicking our collective butts. Meanwhile, they’ve completed ignored the small daily choices we can make — ones that don’t require plunking down large amounts of money and are kind to both consumers and the environment.

(I promise, once you get through the disturbing section necessary for context there’s good stuff: Easy alternatives and some of my favorite Healthy-Hacks!)

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